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Library flood update

Back in June, I promised to let people know about after-the-flood. Everything on the first floor of the library was destroyed, either by the five feet of water or the toxic conditions of the flood. This included the entire adult collection, some 150,000 items. We're starting over at a mall on the other side of town with the things which were checked out at the time of the flood, about 30,000 items. The downtown building has been gutted and is currently sealed, awaiting its turn in the queue of city buildings which were damaged. FEMA does not supply funds for interim expenses as libraries are not considered vital facilities.

If you're interested, more information can be found here:
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Sounds like that was the worst case.

Thanks for the link... the comments on the news sites are interesting.

I'm glad you're making progress, though.
We are, and the whole process is educational. Since the plans for the new collection change about every day, it's challenging work, and we're allowed to be more innovative than before. It's necessary to be flexible. It will be a useful experience, the way most difficult things turn out to be.
Wow. What a huge task. Lots of luck with it! (And dude, libraries are vital to me!)

P.S. Happy birthday!
Thank you!!! I gave myself a week off for a present, and it was great! I feel much more ready to deal now.

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