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My Deathly Hallows predictions

1. If we revisit the Dursleys at all, I think it will have something to do with Petunia and her "correspondence" with Dumbledore. She has seemed to know more than she lets on. Maybe she has a horcrux hidden in the refrigerator or something.

2. The artwork for the deluxe edition is sort of a spoiler, showing Harry, Ron and Hermione riding a dragon. This may be their method of transport on the quest for Horcruxes. One way or another, it appears that book 7 will be a change of pace, not primarily set at Hogwarts. I hope that the Horcrux hunt doesn't turn into a sort of Goblet of Fire thing with task after task. Maybe Regulus Black will have done some more prep work for Harry to shorten the process.

3. Harry, Ron and Hermione will all survive and prevail. None of them will turn to the Dark Side. I have seen no sign of questionable loyalty in the earlier books and I don't believe Rowling will kill off members of the Trio. It doesn't seem to be that sort of series. Also, Voldemort has been the loser almost all of the time when it comes down to a one-on-one with Harry, which is foreordained for the final chapter (by the stupid prophecy). Voldemort's going down. He should have worked on better planning skills.

4. Harry will remain clueless about Snape's allegiance for as much of the book as possible, so that we will all be astounded at the revelation of Snape's true heroism. I'm very afraid Snape is doomed to die. It will be easier for the other characters to deal with him afterwards if they're thinking of him in the abstract, rather than having him around being just as unpleasant and greasy-haired as ever while having to be grateful to him. Nobody will mourn for him except me.

5. Although I have no doubts about which side Snape plays for, Draco Malfoy is a wild card now. I predict that he'll have a key moment someplace in the book, and that it will be a surprise advantage for the Good Guys, but no idea what his reaction to the killing of Dumbledore will turn out to be. Yay for ambivalence and unpredictability! Yay for Draco's growth into a multi-dimensional character! Bring it home, baby.

6. I will be displeased if that wizard's debt thing that Peter Pettigrew owes to Harry for sparing his life in PoA never comes to anything. Since contracting that debt, Pettigrew has helped Voldemort get a new body by taking Harry's blood, and I don't think that counts for a good payback to Harry. So I'll be looking for some help for Harry from that direction, too.

7. Harry and Ginny will get together again after his absurd plot-driven breakup with her at the end of HBP. She's been his manifest destiny since Book 1 and her character's wrongheaded retooling in the past few books has obviously been grooming her to be the consort of the Chosen One. Ugh. Also, Ron and Hermione will become officially a couple although they've virtually been locked in a joyless marriage for years. Cho will be like that girl in Sk8er Boi, married to some no-name and reading about Harry-and-Ginny in the society news. Cho's friend Marietta will live her entire life with the word SNEAK spelled out in zits on her face, thanks to Hermione.

8. Lupin will survive and he and Tonks will get married. Maybe Mr. Weasley will pass some laws or pull some strings so they can procreate.

9. Hagrid will die a hero's death. And there will be much rejoicing. (That one isn't a real prediction, just a wish my heart makes.)

10. The timing of the final Harry Potter book comes at a peculiar time for me personally. My youngest child, who grew up in real time along with Harry, is preparing to leave home and go to college. My older children are all going through pivotal life changes this summer, too. These circumstances add a certain resonance to my feelings about the end of the series. As all the children, real and fictional, finish up their childhoods and set off to discover what the future holds for them, I wish them well with all my heart.
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