one minute movie reviews (oneminutemovies) wrote,
one minute movie reviews

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be most successful with members of the audience who have not known and loved the 1971 version starring Gene Wilder for most of their lives. Burton offers a winningly grotesque adaptation of Roald Dahl's book, filled with visual oomph and dark humor, but he's fighting a losing battle with people who can't help remembering the wacky genius of the earlier movie and the far superior vocal numbers of the 1971 Oompa Loompas. Johnny Depp is often funny but his characterization is uncomfortably reminiscent of Michael Jackson, and the most successful parts of the movie are those outside the chocolate factory, featuring Charlie's family and Willie Wonka's childhood. I enjoyed watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but didn't find it exceptional, and I gave it eight out of ten.
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