one minute movie reviews (oneminutemovies) wrote,
one minute movie reviews

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect features Ashton Kutcher as a young man who discovers that he can mentally travel back to certain events in his life and alter his behavior, thus changing his present-day circumstances. The first part of the movie is heavy going as it's all just about his grim, horrible life as it originally happened, and some of it is quite disturbing. Once he starts tampering with events, the ride becomes more exciting. If you can ignore how silly the premise is, The Butterfly Effect is an intriguing sci-fi drama done with an unusual respect for continuity and some wonderful off-beat details. The disturbing parts include a child molestation subplot, the threat of a prison rape, and cold-blooded murder of a pet, so be aware that it's not a lighthearted romp. I gave it eight out of ten.
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